Wheatley Area Community Partnership


Priorities for Community First Panel for Wheatley wards are

  1. Creating a strong, connected and inclusive economy
  2. Developing Strnger Communities
  3. Increasing and improving housing
  4. Protecting and improving all our children’s lives
  5. Improving health and suport for independent lives
  6. Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour
  7. Creating a clear and better environment

Successful applicants will be groups or organisations, existing or new, provided they are properly constituted. Submissions cannot be accepted from individuals, businesses, and statutory bodies. Feedback, once a been approved and the money handed over, is a significant part of the process.

Community First Panel for Wheatley selected a set of Priorities under which we will be looking to fund activities, events and projects. The Priorities were selected based on local issues suggested by residents and aligned with data on the ward provided by the Office of National Statistics.

If your group or organisation would like to make a bid for match funding, it must address one or more of these Priorities.

Download a copy of the Application Form and Guidance Notes.

Send your completed application forms to:

Community First Panels

Wheatley Park Batist Church

Winchester Avenue




OR email to: rachael.blake21@btinternet.com

Download Guidance Form from here

Download Grant Application Form from here


The deadline for the remaining funding for year 4 is the 30th September 2014