Wheatley Area Community Partnership


Before you apply, please read the information on this page and on the ‘What We Will Fund’ page carefully.

A constituted local group or organisation seeking funds can contact the panel, or the panel may invite a local group to apply. The group submits a detailed proposal to the panel. Because Community First is matched funding, the group is required to describe the form of its own contribution. This need not be money but could be volunteer time, goods, services or facilities. At regular intervals, panels will meet to consider applications. Approved applications are forwarded to CDF. If the panel’s recommendation is accepted, CDF enters a ‘grant relationship’ with the group and releases the money. The group supply the panel and CDF with progress information and possibly pictures by way of feedback.

Of the amount of £610,380, Community First money allocated to Doncaster, the Wheatley ward will be entitled to  £67,820 match funding over the three years until 31st March 2015 available as follows:

Breakdown of Funding

 Year 1 – £11,248

Year 2 – £16,979

Year 3 – £16,975

Year 4 – £22,618

Total £67,820

Each grant award will have a minimum of £250 and a maximum of £2500 within any one year to the same applicant. Each Community First Grant panel must decide which projects to fund, based on the local Priorities.